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Sincere CONGRATULATIONS again to all incoming officers who have accepted the challenge to lead District A­711 for Lionistic Year 2020/­2021.

Thank you for giving of your time, talent, and treasure on your SERVICE journey. We had a wonderful year planned and had devised progressive evidence­based evaluation, starting with clear expectations/duties, periodic/quarterly evaluations, and performance based recognition. However "the best­laid plans of mice and men often go awry" alas COVID­19. We are therefore pleased to report that District A­711 has joined the North American Member Initiative (NAMI) to rejuvenate our district with new clubs, revitalize our clubs with new members, and re-motivate our members with new fellowships and exciting SERVICE. As such, our 2020 Vision for the district is in line with NAMI goals:

As we reflect on 2019/­2020 and venture into the uncharted COVID­19 waters of 2020/­2021, it is necessary for US to refocus, reinvent, and most of all rededicate ourselves to the Mission, Vision and our Motto "We SERVE". Our International President Dr. Jung­Yul CHOI has said it best: "Leadership matters most in challenging times". (We) are guiding (our) district through an unprecedented transformation in the way clubs SERVE their communities, (through) the incredible work of our clubs, we are responding to this global crisis. We are still SERVING, and the diversity of our SERVICE in these challenging times is inspiring. Let's continue to safely SERVE our communities; use technology to stay connected and continue our important work; stay strong and motivated. We are showing the world that Lions are more important now than ever. Be proud of what we are achieving together.

We will continue to advocate for all clubs to participate in all our District Projects and activities including Lions Foundation of Canada (LFC) Dog Guides, Lions of Canada Funds for LCIF ­ $100,000 per year, MJF, Canadian tax credit available; and Lions Quest Canada ­ add to club budgets, award Q­bear ($100), Lions Quest Award ($500) As we celebrate 100 years of Lionism in Canada. Let us turn this crisis into an opportunity to "SERVE" even more (LOCAL SERVICE, GLOBAL IMPACT) as "WE SERVE UNITED IN KINDNESS AND DIVERSITY", with a "PASSION FOR SERVICE". Thank you for all you do.

Stay safe, healthy, and COVID­19 free, you & your family!

Together in Service
Lion Tebo (Terrence) RICHARDS
District Governor (DG) 2020­2021
Home Club: Thistletown Lions Club, Toronto, ON
District: A­711 (Toronto, Peel, Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth Regions),
MDA (Ontario, Canada), Lions Clubs International (LCI)
Facebook: facebook.com/groups/a711lions
A­711: www.a711lions.org
MDA: www.mdalions.org
LCI: www.lionsclubs.org