A711 Proud Lion Award

The Proud Lion award is presented to encourage new Member involvement in all levels of Lionism with added emphasis on increasing membership.

Submitted ByApplicant Club's Secretary
Submit ToCabinet Secretary (followed by District Governor)
Submission Deadline12 Months after becoming a member
For AwardingCabinet Meeting Following Award Confirmation


  1. All requirements must be met within twelve (12) months of Lions membership
  2. The potential recipient must
    1. Attend a Club Executive/Board meeting
    2. Visit another Club
    3. Participate in a Club Project
    4. Attend a Zone, Region or District meeting
    5. Attend a District sponsored New Lions Orientation Meeting
    6. Bring a guest to a Club Meeting
    7. Sponsor a new Lion Member
  3. Applications must include
    1. Recipient's Name
    2. Club Name, Region & Zone
    3. Club Secretary's Name
    4. Date of membership
    5. Date of application
    6. Documentation of compliance with all requirements