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2021 A-711 District Convention


  • Lions, Lionesses, and spouses can register for CDN $25.00. All fees are in Canadian Dollars.
  • LEOs will be allowed FREE entrance.
  • Check the Leo box on the Registration Form and you will need to fill in a form to verify your association with a LEO club to receive your exclusive ticket.
  • Hospitality Suites ($20) and Exhibitor Booths (Display Tables - $50) are available for the entire event, email your order to A711convention@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT: When registering you will be asked to provide your e-mail address AND to create a password. These will serve as your login to to the convention. The password is only used for the convention site and should not be one that you use for other purposes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
PDG Rolando dela Cruz

Every year, all Lions of our district elect the Cabinet Officers of the Incoming Lion Year. They are the Zone Chairpersons and the Region Chairpersons.

The Incoming District Governor looks for Lions who are interested in holding District Committee Chairpersons as well.

The next step after your presidency is to be involved at the district level for the continuance of your Leadership Development. Discover the new world of how you could apply the knowledge, experience, and skills you acquired at the club level. You are now prepared and ready to assume a more challenging position at the district level.

Similar to the feeling when you were elected president of your club, you might think working in the district is too much work and responsibilities. Actually, it is challenging but it gives you the opportunity to face and overcome some challenges you do not encounter at the club level.

We encourage you to join the District Management Team to learn more on how our organization works at a higher level.

Your sacrifices in helping our organization grow and realize our mission are most valued.

As a Past President, you are qualified to be a Zone Chairperson and a District Committee Chairperson or a member of a District Committee.

For the elected position of a Zone Chairperson, you need to fill up the 2021 DistrictNomination and Endorsement Form. The deadline for the submission of the Nomination and Endorsement Form is on March 16, 2021, which is 30 days before the opening of the District Convention.

For those Past Zone Chairpersons who would like to run for the office of Region Chairperson, please use the attached Nomination and Endorsement Form 2021, as well. The deadline for the submission of the Nomination and Endorsement Form 2021 is on March 16, 2021 which is 30 days before the opening of the District Convention.

For the District Committee Chairpersons, all you need to do is contact the following:

  • - Incoming District Governor, Lion Year 2021-2022  
  • - Global Leadership Team Coordinator  

We will be delighted to hear which of these opportunities catches your eyes and imagination.

Stay safe and healthy.